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If a User needs to have their password/account reset, another User with edit User permissions will need to access the console in order to to reset the other User's account. This can also be done by the default Admin account that has access to all permissions by default.

If the Admin account becomes inaccessible and is required for a password reset, this can be fixed on the backend of the Airlock Server. This can be requested from Airlock Support for Hosted instances. If the server is on-premises the password reset can be performed manually.

Resetting a User Password as Another User

  1. If an account's password is being reset by another User (or the default Admin role), they can head to Settings --> Users --> Local User Management and select the target User;

  2. In this section, the target User can then be edited by clicking the 'Edit' button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Local User Management section while the User is selected;

  3. This will open the 'Edit User' panel where a new password can then be set and saved;

  4. After saving the new password, the affected User should now be able to login.

Resetting the Admin Password

If the Local Account that has become inaccessible is the local Admin account and no other Users have the permissions to reset the password, there is a method to reset the Admin password to restore access. For hosted instances, a request will need to made to Airlock Support to reset the Admin password.

For on-premises instances, this can be done with the following steps:

  1. Login to the machine that is running the Airlock Server. By default upon login, the Airlock Menu should appear. If this menu doesn't appear it can be run manually by running '/opt/airlock_data/bin/airlock-menu' or running './airlock-menu' while in the '/opt/airlock_data/bin/' directory;

  2. Select 'Reset Airlock Admin Password' from the menu;

  3. After confirming head to the Airlock server Web Console login page. If the page was already open, refresh it;

  4. The Admin username and password will be reset to the default credentials, being:

    Username: admin
    Password: password

  5. Upon logging in, the server will then force a new password to be set. This will complete the Admin password reset.

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